How do I join a class?

All of our classes are listed in the calendar on our home page or on an instructors profile page. Click a class to view more about it and follow the dialog that pops up to register. Your instructor will send you an email before class containing a Zoom link to join.

I don’t have a Zoom account/a paid Zoom account, can I still take your class?

Yes, absolutely! You can sign into Zoom on a one-time basis without having to create an account. You do not need to update to a paid account to take the full classes either.

What if I want to take class but can’t afford to at this time?

Yoga is and should be for everyone, all the time. And for that reason we practice pay-what-you-can to extend the opportunity to take class to everyone.

Do I need to keep my video on to take class?

We would love to see your face and video gives us the opportunity to give you some shout outs and/or verbal assistance in poses, but absolutely not! Yoga is YOUR practice – do what you want and what makes you feel comfortable!

Do you offer in person classes?

Not at this time but we're hoping to soon!

I am a yoga/fitness instructor and interested in joining this community! What are next steps?

The more the merrier in this community! Please reach out to us at ContactEightYoga@gmail.com and tell us some more about yourself and your practice!

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