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Designed With Community in Mind

Yoga to Unite.

Yuj in Sanskrit can be translated as “to join, to yoke” and it is with that action in mind that I founded Eight. Yoga. It’s no secret that our yoga spaces all have come to look very similar and cater to very specific demographics and income brackets. In exclusively offering pay-what-you-can classes, we hope to welcome more practitioners into our space. In committing to consistent svadhyaya, or self-study, we hope to unlearn the things that have contributed to this heterogeneity that has kept the BIPOC, LGBTQ and the disability community from feeling seen, heard, welcomed, or celebrated in current yoga spaces. We hope to be real allies by supporting organizations and nonprofits that are actively working to dramatically change society for the better, and to always tie our words to actions in the spirit of seva, or service. Yoga is meant to be a practice of personal and collective liberation, and somewhere the collective got lost. When you take class at Eight., you are creating community and helping to make sure everyone is recognized for the immense value they bring to all spaces. In this way, we unite together on so many different levels and have yoga liberate and truly benefit all as it was intended to. We hope you’ll join us.


Boundless Good Co.

We hope to be a source of Boundless Good in this world through everything we do. We believe everyone deserves the benefits of yoga and self care, and sometimes that takes the form of a beautiful candle and a moment to breathe. Now, you can shop homemade wellness goods to compliment your practice that benefit both you and the community.

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